WHO 何人

Hey there! I'm Li, an overseas returnee. Having lived in Hawaii for almost a decade, I returned to China in 2014 and am now based in Shanghai. I'm fluent in both Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) and English. I can also speak conversational Japanese, so don't hesitate to ask me out on a sushi date! :-p

I'm detailed oriented and I very much like to capture the moments of life, which often got unnoticed because of the modern pace of city life. If you also have any projects outside of Shanghai, I'm willing to travel as long as you pay for transportation and accommodation! 🙂


嘿,你好啊!我是 Li,海归一名。在夏威夷居住了近10年,于 2014 年回国现在上海发展。中英文流利,普通话粤语都说。日语口语还行,欢迎约我吃吃寿司哈!:-p



Moments don't last forever, but photos will (well, at least they'll outlive our lives). Important life events especially need to be well documented.

10 years from now, you may or may not appreciate that you have photos of those beautiful moments. But I bet 50 years later, you'll appreciate that you have visual representations of your stories, which you can proudly share with your grand children.

I'd like help you document those wonderful moments, bitter or sweet, or both! Feel Free to take a look at my style.



10 年后的今天或许你还没那么仔细去回味那些美丽的瞬间。但我可以打赌 50 年后的今天你会满足地向自己儿孙们分享自己当年的风采与故事,至少因为你有照片可以作证。


HOW 如何

So how does it work? It's quite simple and straight forward as the following:

1. Pre-shoot consultation - A 30-min consultation is done ideally at least a week prior to the photo shoot. We'll go over general expectations as well as important details.

2. Day of shooting - I'll bring appropriate lighting and equipment to you. If I need anything else from you, I'll let you know ahead of time.

3. Post production - I'll take care of the selecting & editing. Depends on the type of shoot, I shall be able to deliver the edited high resolution digital photos within 2-3 days after the shoot.

4. Extra service - If you need expedite service or prints, just let me know. I'd be happy to help!



1. 拍前咨询 - 30 分钟左右的会谈,最好在拍前一周较为理想。主要过过拍摄细节还有大致的预期效果。

2. 拍摄当天 - 我会带上适合的灯光以及设备。如果我需要些什么,会提前告诉你。

3. 后期制作 - 我会亲自挑选并修缉照片。根据照片的类型,可在拍后 2 - 3 天内交付高画质电子照片。

4. 附加服务 - 如果有需要加急修图或是打印照片,请不要害羞,告诉我就好。我乐意为你服务!