Linfeng Li, an overseas returnee from Hawaii with a background in hospitality. Originally born in Guizhou and grew up in Guangdong. Li is specialized in documentary style photography. When he's not doing commissioned work, you can find him roaming the lanes taking street photography. 李临风,夏威夷海归,旅游业背景。是在广东长大的贵州人。擅长记录式摄影。当他不为客户拍照时,你能在街上看到他压着马路捣鼓街头摄影。

Peach blossom in Guanshanhu Park

CNY Guizhou Travel, Part 1 | 春节贵州山水游 第一部

In the past couple of weeks, besides spending time with my parents in Guiyang, my hometown, I’ve also been editing photos that were taken on the trips to different places in Guizhou before the epidemic. This is part 1 – Rediscovering My Root. 在过去的几个星期里,除了在老家贵阳陪伴父母之外,我还不停地修了许多图。这都是在疫情之前贵州省内不同地方旅游所拍摄的照片。这篇是系列的第一部 – 寻根。

Orange farm with bee landing

My First Camping + Music Festival | 我第一次露营 + 音乐节

Two weekends ago, I attended to the 7th Shalanaya on Changxing Island. Two weeks later, I still feel the vibe, so here I am sharing with you my story. 两周前我参加了在长兴岛上举办的第 7 届 Shalanaya 音乐节。到今天已经是音乐节结束的第2周了,我依然能够感觉到当时的气氛。所以现在就写写我的体会吧。