Lukcy You  你真幸运


Oh wow! You truly are the lucky one, as someone has presented you this certificate as the holiday gift! The past year has been very difficult for many people around the world and the challenge may continue for quite a long time. That said, life goes on and why don't we use this opportunity to document some of the precious moments in our lives? To see my works, please click "WORKS" below.

哇塞!你真的很幸运诶,有人送给你这张礼券作为节日的礼物噢!过去的一年对许多人来说很难很难,说不定这个挑战还会继续一段很长的时间。无论如何,生活还得继续,为何不利用这个机会来记录一下这段时间里生命中珍贵的那些点滴呢?如欲了解我的作品,请点击下方 “作品” 按键。


Without further ado, please read the full terms and conditions below before you redeem your gift certificate. I look forward to sharing a memorable photography journey with you, whether it's a photo session for you and your loved ones or a limited edition prints from my personal works!



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如果你也想为他人购买一张礼券,请点击下方的 “购买” 按键。

Terms & Conditions  使用说明 :


1. Certificate is only valid for photography service or product stated, cannot be used for other services.



2. For photo service, please reserve in advance with the photographer. Photo session is subject to the photographer’s availability. Please click the "SESSION" button or contact the photographer via the email below.

若是摄影服务,请前必须与摄影师预订日期。适用日期将视摄影师排期情况而定。预订请点击下方 拍照 按键或致函以下邮箱。


For limited edition prints, feel free to pick one that you prefer in my personal works. Please click the "PRINTS" button to select and let me know which one via the email below.

若是限量版作品,可在我个人作品中任意挑选。请点击下方 "照片" 按键进行挑选并以邮件告诉我你的选择。


Photographer's email 摄影师邮箱: li@linfengliphotography.com


3. Must present official certificate at the initial meeting; certificate is not transferable and cannot be sold.



4. Only officially stamped certificate with holder’s name is valid. Copies or scans are not accepted.



5. Certificate has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash.



6. Photographer is not responsible for lost, stolen or altered certificates and will not provide replacements.



7. Certificate cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.



8. Photographer reserves the right to change service details without notifying the holder.



9. Listed price is good till June 30st, 2022. Certificate is valid till December 31st, 2022.
以上的价格在 2022 年 6 月 30 日前有效。礼券有效期至 2022 年 12 月 31 日。