WHO   何人

Studio portrait of a handsome male

Hey, it's your braddah Li here. I'm an overseas returnee born in spicy Guizhou and grew up in coastal Guangdong. Having lived in Hawaii for almost a decade, I returned to China in 2014 and am now based in Shanghai. My background is in hospitality, especially F&B industry. I'm fluent in both Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) and English. I can also speak conversational Japanese, though it's getting rustier each year. But don't hesitate to ask me out on a sushi date, ehh! :-p

嘿,是我小李哥。是在鲜(xuān)辣贵州出生,在广东沿海(yǔnhói)长大的海归一名。在夏威夷居住了近 10 年后,于 2014 年回国现在上海发展。旅游管理背景,经历主要集中在饮食业。中英文流利,普通话粤语都说。日语口语还过得去,尽管好久都没说了,一年不如一年。但欢迎邀约我吃寿司哈!:-p


I'm detailed oriented and I very much like to capture the moments of life, which often got unnoticed because of the modern pace of city life. Whether it's in Shanghai or somewhere else in the universe, I'm happy to travel as long as the transportation and accommodation are covered! 🙂 And feel free to check out my blog to see what else I do with my cameras when I'm not on a job!

我看重细节,喜欢捕捉人生中的点滴。这也是通常最容易被人们忽视的地方,可能还是归咎于现代生活节奏太快的原因吧。不论是在上海还是在宇宙的哪个地方,只要你包吃包住包路费,我非常乐意爬山涉水为你记录!:-) 也欢迎来到访 我的博客,看看我在不为客户拍照时,都用相机记录了些什么呢!

HOW   如何

So, how do we work together?

1. Pre-Shoot Meeting

A 30-min consultation is done ideally at least a week prior to the photo shoot. We'll go over general expectations as well as important details. Let's get to know each other! What if I don't like you, right? :p

2. Day of Shooting

I'll bring appropriate lighting and equipment. If I need anything else from you, such as venue permit, I'll let you know ahead of time.

3. Post Production

I'll take care of the selecting & editing. Depends on the length and the type of the shoot, I shall be able to present the edited high resolution digital photos within 2-3 days after the shoot.

4. Photo Reveal

This is when I'll create an online gallery for you to enjoy the results of our photo shoot together. You get to pick your favorites for further editing.

5. Additional Service

If you need expedited service or prints, just let me know. I'd be happy to accommodate!


1. 拍前咨询

大概30 分钟左右的讨论,最好在拍前一周较为理想。主要过过拍摄细节还有大致的预期效果。我们一起多认识了解下对方呗!万一我不喜欢你呢,对吧? :p

2. 拍摄当天


3. 后期制作

我会亲自挑选并修缉照片。根据照片的类型和拍摄长短,可在拍后 2 - 3 天内揭晓高画质电子照片。

4. 照片揭晓


5. 附加服务


WHY   为何

Aren't you bored of those typical and repeating posed photos? Don't you want photos that represent you and express who you truly are? If so, let's explore the possibilities for a more customized experience! And why not let the moments play out for a more natural and spontaneous results? Feel free to take a look at what my clients say about their experience shooting with me:


*** *** *** *** ***


“… Most importantly, Li was incredibly respectful. I felt safe the entire time, which is not to be taken for granted when you're standing practically naked in an Airbnb with a stranger …”

- Boudoir, From Miss C, July 2020


*** *** *** *** ***


“… LOVE LOVE LOVE, huge confidence boost and self-love/-acceptance experience …”

- Boudoir, From Miss J, July 2020


*** *** *** *** ***


“Li is a passionate photographer who demonstrates clear respect to his craft and the models he collaborates with. He arrived to every meeting prepared, making me and my time feel valued and appreciated. Li had a clear vision which was very settling to me as an inexperienced model. He presented a full story line, pose and outfit ideas to help me feel confident walking into the photoshoot. I’m grateful for him taking the time to share the photos with me personally. It was very nice to celebrate the completion of the session together. I would recommend anyone looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of boudoir photography to connect with Li for an enjoyable and comfortable photoshoot experience.”

- Boudoir, From Miss A, July, 2020


*** *** *** *** ***


“The shoot was great. It was a classroom setting, so I was a little wary of the students being distracted or shy with the presence of a photographer, but Li struck a balance between professionalism and good natured humor that dissolved any tension about the situation. It actually contributed more to a fun classroom atmosphere!

- Portrait, From Mr. E, March 2020


*** *** *** *** ***


Our family includes a 4- and an 8-years old kids. We were expecting them to be bored after 10 minutes. In reality, Li was able to keep them entertained during whole photo shoot. It’s just amazing! His approach to children is extraordinary. Beside the scouted ones, we were also able to discover new spots. Some of the new places were found spontaneously, where the light was just great in that hour. He also did a lot of candid shots along the way. Creative!

- Family, From Mr. H, October 2019



*** *** *** *** ***


“… 最重要的是,Li 他非常地懂得尊重人。整个过程我都感到很安全。因为拍摄当天你会在一个陌生的环境里还要在一个陌生人的面前裸露自己,他能做到这点我觉得真心难能可贵 ...”

- 私房人像,来自 C 女士的推荐,2020年7月


*** *** *** *** ***


“… 喜欢 喜欢 喜欢,这真让我自信倍增,是一次享受自爱、自我接受的体验 …”

- 私房人像,来自 I 女士的推荐,2020年7月


*** *** *** *** ***


“Li 是一位热情的摄影师。他尊重自己的拍照手艺以及与他合作的模特们。每次见面他都准备充足,让我觉得他很尊重我和我的时间。Li 他目标明确,作为一个拍照经验比较少的模特,这让我倍感安心。他向我展示了一整条故事线,还有姿势引导以及服装选择,这让我在拍摄当天感到非常的自信。我还要感谢他抽时间和我一起分享拍照的结果。我们能够一同庆祝拍摄的结束这非常棒!如果你想要一次愉悦舒适的沉浸式私房人像拍照体验,我推荐 Li 。"

- 私房人像,来自 A 女士的推荐,2020年7月


*** *** *** *** ***


"当天拍摄尤其顺利。由于是在一个教室的环境下拍摄的,我开始还为教学有可能会被一个摄影师的存在所打乱而担心。但 Li 专业的态度和随和的幽默感让这个担忧一消而散。不但如此,这还为当天的教学营造了一种轻松和愉悦的氛围!”

- 人像,来自 Mr. E 的推荐,2020年3月


*** *** *** *** ***


我们家还有两个 4 岁和 8 岁的小朋友。我和夫人还以为在拍照开始后到不了 10 分钟,两个小朋友就会觉得不耐烦。而事实却相反, Li 在整个拍摄过程中让他俩觉得是一次很开心很好玩的体验。这真是太棒了!他给小朋友拍照真的很有一手。除了之前探寻到的地点,我们还发现了一些新的地方,其中有一些新地点也是偶然发现的,那个时段的光线也很配合。在途中他也记录了许多自然的家庭纪实照片,真有创意!

- 家庭,来自 Mr. H 的推荐,2019年10月