“Roam The Street” Limited Edition Prints

“压马路” 限量版照片


Ladies and gentlemen, the prints are hot and fresh out of the printer! And they’re limited editions brought to you by your favorite braddah in the whole wild world. Well, if not the most favorite, may I be your second favorite? :p Jokingly serious aside, please let me share with you my personal works via "Roaming the Street", in physical prints. The size is 60x40cm (Edition of: 69).


女士们先生们,新鲜热辣打印好的照片出炉喽!由全世界你最喜爱的小哥带给你的,而且是限量版的哦。如若不是你最喜爱的小哥,可以做你第二喜爱的吗?:p 开玩笑地认真说,请让我介绍一下我近期通过"压马路"的方式得来的作品吧。尺寸为 60x40 厘米 (共 69 版)。


Every photo is printed using giclee process on Hahnemühle FineArt archival paper to ensure the quality as well as longevity. Each print comes with my personal notes about the particular photo, the bill of sale as well as the certificate of authenticity. I’m sure you’re going to hold on to the latter dearly, because you already see the rising value of my works in the near future. If that’s the case, my friend, I congratulate you on your excellent investment! Here they are, signed, sealed, delivered and they’re all yours!