~ The Challenge ~



Hey, it's your Braddah Li here. Mother's Day is up and coming and I'd like to take this opportunity to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day. Meanwhile, I'd also like to challenge you to take photos of your mom, which can be old photos. Pick three of your favorites of different time and share with her as a gift. I know I know, you might be under quarrantine or cannot be with her physically at the moment. Me too, so I decided to pick these three of her. Isn't she cute?



Last but not least, let's wish all the mamas a Happy Mother's Day!


Mother's Day - 1

Maybe in her 20's? Have to ask her after I publish this.
可能是她 20 岁左右吧?还得在发布后问问她

Mother's Day - 2

My first play ever by the sea. We moved to Zhuhai, Guangdong in 1991. It's one of my favorite childhood photos.
第一次在海边玩耍。我们一家 91 年搬到了广东珠海。这张要数我最喜爱的童年照片之一了。

Mother's Day - 3

My parents visited Shanghai during the National Holiday in 2018. Photo taken in the Metro.
2018 年国庆父母来上海游玩。拍于地铁中。

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